Campaign Videos and Pictures

Eric's visit to Iowa State (sponsored by the ISU Libertarians)

Eric hangs out with Andy Fales (of "What's Bugging Andy" fame) who came to cover the ISU speech

Eric outlines the libertarian position on the smoking ban during his Ames speech

The Smoking Ban

Eric asks whether homosexuals are like the Pilgrims during his Ames speech

YouTube Video

Radio ad we are running in Ames/Des Moines and Cedar Rapids/Iowa City markets  

Cooper/Weltha Radio ad

Iowa Public Television Third Party Debates (aired on Oct. 20, 2010)

IPTV Third Party Governor's debate pt. 1

IPTV Third Party Governor's debate pt. 2

Speech Introducing Libertarianism given to the University of Northern Iowa Young Americans for Liberty

Introduction to Libertarianism Part 1

Introduction to Libertarianism Part 2

Campaign visit to Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids (September 19, 2010)

Pretty picture of Laura outside the Iowa Press Citizen

Kinnick stadium in Iowa City

Eric and Dustin Krustinger who is a Libertarian candidate for Iowa House
hanging out at the U. of Iowa Medical School

Drew Hjelm (of the U. of Iowa YAL) and Laura (of the ISU YAL). 
Two of the freest young people in Iowa!

Eric and Chris Reardon, formerly of the ISU Objectivists and ISU
Libertarians, and now promoting freedom in Iowa City

Eric delivers his University of Iowa address

Eric makes and emphatic gesture during his University of Iowa speech

Eric is interviewed by University of Iowa TV after his talk

Two of the freest people in Iowa, Chris Reardon and Drew Hjelm, smoke
up before going out to the Iowa City bars with Dr. Cooper and Laura

Young and free:  Chris Reardon, Drew Hjelm, and Laura smoke outside an Iowa City bar

The freest ISU students I know:  Laura Bosworth and David Olson

Dr. Cooper looks pained standing next to ISU YAL president David Olson
who we met up with in Iowa City.  Check out David's cool van that he is using
to drive around the country with his band, Poison Control Center.

Laura and Dr. Cooper stand beside the RZRBCK SUV they borrowed to go to Iowa City

Libertarian Iowa Senate candidate Christopher Peters addresses the
crowd in Coralville
Eric looks unhappy during his Coralville speech

Eric listens to a question from the crowd after his Coralville speech

Laura adopts a triumphant pose outside the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids

Iowa 2nd Congressional District Libertarian Candidate Gary Sicard looks
on as Eric explains how he can fly prior to their talks in Cedar Rapids

Gary makes a point prior to the Cedar Rapids talks

Eric looks like he is going to hurl prior to his Cedar Rapids speech

Laura hangs out with Cedar Rapids libertarians before the speech

The crowd begins to gather prior to the Cedar Rapids talk at the Java Creek Cafe

Eric hangs out with Kevin Litten, Secretary of the Libertarian Party of
Iowa, prior to the Cedar Rapids talk.  Kevin ran for Governor in 2006.

Eric looks like a deer in the headlights posing with Libertarian
Congressional candidate Gary Sicard in Cedar Rapids.

Gary gives his address to the folks at the Java Creek Cafe in Cedar Rapids.

Kevin Litten introduces Dr. Cooper in Cedar Rapids

Eric talks to the good people of Cedar Rapids

Great shot of some great Iowa libertarians.  Gary Sicard, Dr. Cooper, Kevin
Litten, and Laura at the Cedar Rapids talk

Transplanted Libertarians!  These folks are Libertarians who just moved
from Texas to Iowa, and came to Dr. Cooper's speech

Libertarians hanging out after the Cedar Rapids speech

Club Fest at Iowa State (September 8, 2010)

Eric works the table at ISU Libertarians' table at Club Fest

Campaign visit to Walford and Dubuque (September 4, 2010)

Sign opposing the smoking ban at the Angle Inn in Walford. 

Connie Angle, owner of the Angle Inn in Walford.  The only woman in
Iowa who hates the smoking ban more than Eric and Nick!

Nick sets up for the Dubuque talk.

Rob Petsche, Libertarian 1st District Congressional candidate, gets ready to talk in Dubuque.

Good picture of Rob looking bold!

Nick hangs out waiting for the Dubuque speech to start.

The Libertarian candidates for Iowa Governor and 1st District Congress hang out before the Dubuque talk.

Dr. Cooper tries to get park patrons to come over for the talk

Nice shot of the decorations on the Washington Park Gazebo in Dubuque

Rob addresses the crowd in Dubuque

Dr. Cooper begins his Dubuque speech

Eric addresses the good people of Dubuque

Eric drives home a point in Dubuque with Rob looking on

Eric and Rob in Dubuque

Eric, Benjamin Cashner, and Nick in Dubuque.  Mr. Cashner came to Dubuque
from Monticello for the speeches.  He writes our favorite Iowa Libertarian Blog,
 "Cold Hard Cashner," so we were thrilled to meet him in person!!

Horse and buggy giving rides in downtown Dubuque

Campaign visit to Marengo and Williamsburg (September 3, 2010)
Eric takes an action pose prior to his Marengo speech

Nick prepares to stream the Marengo speech live!

Nick chills while waiting for the speech to begin

Dr. Cooper appears to see something on the ceiling during his Marengo speech

Our Marengo coordinators, Josh, LeAnn, and Brian Anderson with Nick

Nick and Eric hang out with the Anderson family at the Amana Colonies.
Josh appears to be reaching for the stars!

Campaign visit to Council Bluffs (August 27, 2010)
Picture of Dr. Cooper from Council Bluffs Nonpareil

Nick at the Pottwattamie County Courthouse
Nick looking cool in his shades in front of the Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs

Visit to Iowa Gun Owner's Annual Meeting (June 18, 2010)

Dr. Cooper gets to shoot a semi-automatic weapon

Dr. Cooper shoots at distant targets

Speech to the Ames Conservative Breakfast about Homosexual Marriage (June 3, 2010)
(also posted on the "Gay Marriage" page)

YouTube Video

Pictures from the Campaign for Liberty Conference in Des Moines (May 14, 2010)

Nick, Jacob, and Jake work the table at the C4L conference.

Nick yells at somebody at the C4L conference

Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Presidential candidate 2004) and Eric

The two non-major party candidates for Iowa Governor in 2010: Eric and Jonathan Narcisse

Dr. Cooper talking to fellow Iowans

Eric and Jonathan Narcisse discuss the campaign

Pictures from the Iowa Libertarian Convention (April 24, 2010)

Eric explains the 10% Strategy to the Libertarian Convention

Nick accepts the nomination (Funny!)

Nick accepts the nomination for Lt. Governor (from the Iowa State Daily)

Dr. Cooper writes the press release at the convention.

Nick, Eric, and Tyler Pauly (president of ISU Libertarians and candidate for Iowa House 46)

Nick Taiber (Libertarian Cedar Falls City Councilman) and Eric talk at the convention

Jacob Saltzman gets the award for best petitioner in Iowa!

Nick accepts the nomination for Lt. Governor

Libertarian candidates Rob Petsche (U.S. House 1), Karen Tegtmeyer (Polk County Attorney), Tyler Pauly (Iowa House 46), Eric (Governor), Nick (Lt. Gov.), and Gary Sicard (U.S. House 2) hold up the website sign

ISU Libertarians VEISHEA parade float (4/17/10)
Front of the ISU Libertarians VEISHEA float (the car is a 1969 Checker Limousine)

Side view of ISU Libertarians VEISHEA float

Photos from the Iowans for Tax Relief Forum (4/17/10)

Eric's speech at the Tax Day forum

From the Iowan for Tax Relief official photographer

Dr. Cooper's sister-in-law and brother wait for the event (they are the two in the lower right corner)

Dr. Cooper working the table at the Iowans for Tax Relief Forum

Nick and Augie Weltha working the table at the Iowans for Tax Relief Forum

Videos from our first press conference (be sure to check out the super futuristic cyber-shades beginning at 4:40) Nov. 11, 2009:

Cooper/Weltha Press Conference, Nov. 11 pt. 1

Cooper/Weltha Press Conference, Nov. 11 pt. 2

Good photo of Dr. Cooper (taken 3/28/10) for use by the media (click on photo for larger version):

Dr. Cooper in his Three-Corner hat (symbolizing that his philosophy is grounded in the 18th century Enlightenment) and super futuristic-looking cyber-shades (symbolizing that his philosophy is forward looking and entirely appropriate for the 21st century) (from ISU Daily, 11/13/2009):

Dr. Cooper and the ISU Young Americans for Liberty hanging out with Ron Paul (11/13/2009):