Media Coverage

Media Coverage of Governor's Run (the best articles are highlighted in blue) :
Guest Editorial by Eric pointing out that the Governor's Race is about more than who wins

North Iowa Today covers Eric's speech in Mason City (with video!)

Globe Gazette in Mason City has video of Dr. Cooper's speech there

KIMT Channel 3 covers Cooper/Weltha's trip to Mason City

Knoxville Journal profiles Dr. Cooper

Daily Iowan urges voters to look at 3rd Party candidates

Mason City Globe Gazette covers the campaign's visit to Mason City

Channel 13 (WHO) story about the third party candidates in the Governor's race

Homosexual blog likes Eric's stance on Gay Marriage

Great article about Eric's speech at Iowa State University

The LeMars paper covers the Gubernatorial candidates

North Liberty Leader covers the Gubernatorial Candidates

Third Party candidates debate on the Deace show (10/26/10)

Super long and really great article in the Ames Progressive.  Maybe the best article of the campaign.

Third Party Candidates debate on Iowa Public Radio program "The Exchange"

Sioux City TV story (with video) of Dr. Cooper's visit to Sioux City

Libertarian Republican reports on Cooper/Weltha's trip to Sioux City

KCAU in Sioux City is impressed with Dr. Cooper's weight loss

North Iowa Today thinks Dr. Cooper is "awesome"

The Redhead Writes finds Dr. Cooper's ITR speech thought provoking

Cold Hard Cashner endorses Cooper/Weltha

Freedom Report covers Dr. Cooper's endorsement by the Libertarian Donor's Club

National Libertarian Party singles out Cooper/Weltha as a key race for the party!

Des Moines High School students give Dr. Cooper 5.5% in Mock Election (way more than is needed for ballot status!!)

Ames online covers the Ames Education forum

Very nice profile of Eric in the Washington Journal

Cedar Rapids Gazette explains why only two candidates were invited to their debate (Dr. Cooper responds in the comments section)

Cedar Rapids Gazette posts their Candidate picker (make sure you vote for Dr. Cooper!)

Freedom Report covers the Des Moines Register poll that says the Libertarians may achieve major party status

Boston Tea Party endorses Cooper/Weltha

Des Moines Register says the Libertarians may be on the way to major party status!

Des Moines Register poll shows Cooper/Weltha with the 2% they need for major party status!!!

Iowa Independent covers Republican Secretary of State candidate's endorsement of Cooper/Weltha

Cooper/Weltha ticket receives the endorsement of former Republican Secretary of State candidate

Waterloo Courier covers our trip to Cedar Falls and Waterloo

Des Moines Register Candidate picker

John Deeth covers Dr. Cooper's visit to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids

The Iowa State Daily gives an update on the campaign (9/20/10)

The Daily Iowan covers the campaign trip to Iowa City

Churchill's Cigar (Iowa blog) endorses the Cooper/Weltha ticket

On the eve of the ISU vs. Iowa game, Freedom Report speculates on Iowa's freest University

Freedom Report covers Dr. Cooper's appearance on the Deace group

Blogger praises Dr. Cooper for his stance on Gay Marriage

Iowa Freedom Report covers our trip to Dubuque (9/7/10)

Radio appearance as a panelist on the Deace group (9/3/10)

Des Moines Register blogger thinks Dr. Cooper should be in the debates

Council Bluffs Nonpareil covers our visit to Council Bluffs (lead story, 8/28/10)

Radio interview on the Jan Mickelson Show (8/23/10) (they didn't record all of it so it starts about 2 min. in)

John Deeth covers filing day (he gives the best third party coverage in Iowa IMHO)

Des Moines Register covers filing day

Bleeding Heartland covers Libertarian candidate filings

Freedom Report discusses Deace's poll

Deace offers listeners three choices for Governor on his blog.  Who does the winner (candidate B) sound like?  (Results of the poll are here)

John Deeth blog proclaims Cooper campaign first to file for the Governor's race

Ames Tribune reporter mocks Dr. Cooper for losing weight

Radio interview on the Fallon Forum (7/21/10)

Outstanding profile in Liberty Line

IowaLive ranks the Iowa Governor and Lt. Governor candidates on their integrity

Liberty Line calls Dr. Cooper a "rising star" in Iowa politics

Red Country on the possibility of a third party candidate winning the Iowa Governor's race

Radio Interview on Steve Deace Show (6/14/10)

Libertarian Republican covers the campaign

Iowa Freedom Report provides an update on the campaign (6/12/10)

Bleeding Heartland covers Gubernatorial Conservative Breakfast Speech on Homosexual Marriage

Ames On-Line coverage of Gubernatorial Conservative Breakfast speeches (6/3/10)

Iowa State Daily coverage of candidates' positions prior to the June 8 primaries

Iowa Freedom Report coverage of Campaign for Liberty conference

Really good discussion at Bleeding Heartland of our 10% strategy

Iowa Freedom Report coverage of the Libertarian State Convention

The Liberty Ticker (must scroll down a little to see the story)

Eastern Iowa news coverage of the Libertarian State Convention

Des Moines Free Press coverage of the Libertarian State Convention

Radio Iowa coverage of the Libertarian State Convention

Provocative piece about possible Fall libertarian voters by John Deeth

KCRG coverage of Libertarian State Convention

Iowa State Daily coverage of Libertarian State Convention

Ames Tribune coverage of Libertarian State Convention (April 24, 2010)

Ballot Access News

Iowa Freedom Report

Kathie Obradovich profile of Dr. Cooper in the Des Moines Register (long and really, really good)

Eric's speech at the Tax Day Forum

WHO radio coverage of the ITR forum which also has audio links to all the speeches (including Dr. Cooper's)

Iowa Conservative Reader coverage of ITR forum

Iowa Republican coverage of ITR forum

Radio Iowa article about the ITR forum

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier coverage of ITR forum

Radio Iowa Play-by-play of ITR forum

Des Moines Register coverage of the ITR forum

Kathie Obradovich comments in the Des Moines Register about the ITR forum

Iowa coverage of the Iowans for Tax Relief Tax Day Forum

Wikipedia article about 2010 Iowa Governor's race

ISU Daily (front page) Coverage of Nov. 11 Press Conference

Ames Tribune (front page) Coverage of Nov. 11 Press Conference

Dallas (TX) Examiner

Cold Hard Cashner

Iowa Independent

Cedar Rapids Gazette

USA Today

KASI Interview October 7th, 2009 (If the link doesn't play the interview, right click and choose "save as" to save the file to your computer)

Ames On-line

Long profile of Dr. Cooper from the Iowa State Daily

Media Coverage of Dr. Cooper's previous Iowa House of Representatives, District 46 Run:

Mad Props to Dr. Cooper

Review of the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

CBS News article

Ames Tribune Wrap-up article

Ames Tribune says "Dr. Cooper is no dope"

New Pork Times article