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Anti-Incumbent Sentiment Will Propel Libertarians to Major Party Status


Eric Cooper, the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Iowa, said today that Terry Branstad’s win in the Republican primary is great news for the Libertarian Party.  Cooper is attempting to get 2% in the Iowa Governor’s race in order to get major party status in Iowa for the Libertarian Party.


            “There is a strong anti-incumbent sentiment in America at present, and with Terry Branstad’s win in the Republican primary, it means that we will essentially be running against two incumbents in the general election,” says Cooper.


Cooper, 44, (the Libertarian candidate for Governor) is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Iowa State University, and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa.  He has run five times previously as a Libertarian for the legislature from Ames and was the Iowa College Coordinator for the Ron Paul presidential campaign prior to the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.   His running mate is Nick Weltha, 30, who is a Systems Administrator for the Iowa Judicial Branch and served as Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa from 2006 to 2008.


“Our goal in this election is to get at least 2% of the vote which would give the Libertarian Party major party status under Iowa law.  After obtaining major party status this election cycle, we plan to run Libertarian candidates in as many races as possible in 2012.  Third parties can successfully influence the major parties by drawing away voters from the major parties thus forcing the major parties to steal their issues in order to poach their voters.  The Populist Party of the 1890s and the Socialist Party in the 1910s successfully implemented this strategy, and we think the Libertarian Party can have similar success.” said Cooper.


Key issues in their campaign will be encouraging the legalization of marijuana in the state of Iowa, allowing greater school choice for both K-12 and Iowa college students, and repealing the Iowa smoking ban.


“We seek to popularize the Jeffersonian notion of a small limited government among Iowa citizens, and give citizens who would like to see a reduction in the size of Iowa government an option at the voting booth.  Neither Gov. Branstad nor Gov. Culver are genuinely committed to making the government smaller, but reducing the size of the government and making the state fiscally responsible are our top priorities,” according to Cooper.


“Although we don’t have the financial resources to actually win the election for Governor, there is enough anti-government sentiment in the state right now that our goal of getting 2% in the general election is a real possibility,” Cooper says.


            Nick Weltha, the Libertarian Lt. Gov. candidate added, "In a time when Iowans are looking for a clear distinction in state leadership, it is very encouraging that we as 3rd party candidates get a chance to run against two sides of the same coin. I have to believe that, in November, there will be at least 2% of the state tired of seeing established candidates spending millions of lobbyist dollars for their vote. The two major parties are expected to spend millions of dollars each on the gubernatorial race at a time when Iowans are struggling to make ends meet. That's not an alternative that represents the common Iowan and, based on our campaign's growing support, it seems pretty clear it's also not fooling anyone."


Additional information including positions on specific issues, additional biographical information on the candidates, and downloadable pictures of the candidates may be found at the campaign website, www.coopersmallergovernment.com.


All members of the press should feel free to quote from this press release and from any of the material on the campaign website.  Eric Cooper is available for interviews both by phone, (515) 708-6706, or by e-mail, eric@coopersmallergovernment.com.