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June 7, 2010 Republican Primary

posted Jun 7, 2010, 9:36 AM by Eric Cooper   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 8:15 AM ]
I've decided to change my voter registration to Republican for a day tomorrow so I can vote in the Republican Primary for two reasons:  1) I want to vote for Dave Jamison for State Treasurer because he is a super, super great guy and 2) I want to go to the Republican party at Legends on election night (I'll change my voter registration back to Libertarian on Wednesday).  Only a couple of things I'm undecided on right now, and one is whom I should vote for in the Governor's race.  I've interacted with all three candidates several times during the campaign because we are often invited to the same events, and I've attended some of the Republican Governor Candidate Forums to size up the competition.  Particularly at the Iowans for Tax Relief Tax Day forum, we all sat together in the Green Room for quite a while before and after we gave our speeches and talked.  I think that a win by Gov. Branstad would be the best for our campaign for a couple of reasons:  1) there is a general anti-incumbent sentiment right now and if Gov. Branstad wins, it will mean we are running against two incumbents essentially, and 2) there is a perception, right or wrong, that Gov. Branstad is not a "small government" type, and people strongly committed to smaller government may be searching for an alternative.  Be that as it may, I'm leaning toward casting my vote for Rod Roberts tomorrow.  He was always super nice to me on the campaign trail, and he has always seemed sincere, patient, respectful, and doesn't say nasty things while campaigning.  He took unpopular positions at the ITR forum and tried to defend them (which I think anyone has to respect in a politician).  He spoke at the Ames Conservative Breakfast with me last week, and I was really impressed by the sincerity of his speech and the lack of nastiness.  One of the three Republican Governor candidates (name will not be mentioned) always talks to you like you are a not very bright 5 year old, but Mr. Roberts is always respectful of one's intelligence.

Other race I'm not sure about is Secretary of State.  As a candidate, you have to deal with the Secretary of State's office quite a bit, and I have to say, when Gov. Culver was Secretary of State, I thought the office handled things pretty well.  I'm not as impressed by the current staff.  I had some problems with the forms they had posted for signature collection twice (when I ran for the legislature in 2008 they had the wrong petition form linked for Iowa House Races, and then this election cycle they didn't have petition forms for Gov./Lt. Gov. posted until I bugged them to do it).  I e-mailed the Iowa Secretary of State's office asking them about these problems, and though they eventually did correct them, they never e-mailed me back to say they were corrected or even acknowledged my e-mail in any way.  I just had to keep going back to the website over and over again to see if the problem had been solved.  All the customer service one expects of a government monopoly!  Thus, as far as I'm concerned, the primary qualification to be Secretary of State is to provide good quality customer service.

One plug for David Jamison for Treasurer:  I've known Dave for about a year, and I think he is really nice, competent, fair minded, and smart.  He has done a great job as Story County Treasurer. Admittedly, I don't know the other gentleman who is running very well, but I've got to believe Dave would really make a great Treasurer for Iowa.