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June 15, 2010 Primary results and Deace

posted Jun 15, 2010, 10:41 PM by Eric Cooper   [ updated Jun 15, 2010, 11:01 PM ]
  It's been a week since the primaries and both Nick and I were very pleased with the results.  The few times I've met Gov. Branstad, he has always been very nice to me, and I really like him a lot.  However, anti-incumbent sentiment is strong right now, and his victory in the Republican primary essentially gives us two incumbents to run against in the Fall, both of whom have been associated with larger government.  I think a significant number of Iowans are not happy with their major party choices, and that is very good news for us.

    Appeared on the Steve Deace show on Monday and had a really good time.  For those from out of state, Mr. Deace is kind of the Rush Limbaugh of Iowa as he has the most popular political radio show in Iowa on WHO which is the most powerful radio station in the state (by which I mean that it is a Clear Channel station that reaches every corner of the state).  Mr. Deace is, if anything, more conservative than Rush Limbaugh particularly on social issues.  As such, I thought the callers would rip me to shreds, but Iowans always surprise me with how polite they are.  None of the callers were nasty, and most seemed very supportive of our candidacy.  Mr. Deace also pretty much gave me a pass until the end of the show where he brought out our differences (as I expected), but he was always very polite and said nice things about me on the air.  I was on for two hours (which is a record for me.  I've never had a radio interview go over half an hour before).  I didn't hear the last hour of the show after I left, but I was told he had someone on who went on a tirade against me after my departure, but all publicity is good publicity as far as I'm concerned.

  Also, I'd been worried for the last week about the impending break-up of the Big 12.  Nebraska, Kansas, K-State, Iowa State, Missouri, and Oklahoma have been in the same conference for pretty much the last 100 years, and I thought all of that was going to end (and it kind of has, Nebraska thumbs its nose at everyone else and moves on!).  I would have been so sad had that happened because one of the reasons I was excited to take the job at Iowa State was because it was a Big 8 school (at the time).  Adios, Nebraska (and Colorado, but they weren't part of the original Big 6), but hooray for the new Big 12.  So, the Big 12 has 10 teams and the Big 10 has 12 teams.  That's rather like parking in a driveway but driving on a parkway, isn't it?