April 24 Press Release



Contact:  Ed Wright, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa

Telephone: (515) 480-6365

E-mail: eb4gp1@iowatelecom.net

Website: www.lpia.org




Cooper Nominated Governor; Vows to Get Major Party Status


            Ed Wright, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa, announces the 2010 nominees of the Iowa Libertarian Party selected today, April 24 at the Libertarian State Convention at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames.


Candidates selected at the convention were:


Eric Cooper, 44, Ames, nominee for Iowa Governor, phone (515) 708-6706, e-mail: eric@coopersmallergovernment.com, website: www.coopersmallergovernment.com


Nick Weltha, 30, Des Moines, nominee for Iowa Lt. Governor, e-mail: nick.weltha@gmail.com, website: www.coopersmallergovernment.com


John Heiderscheit, 46, Bettendorf, nominee for U.S. Senate, phone (563) 940-2356, e-mail: jheiderscheit@nhquadcities.com, no website currently


Gary Sicard, 37, Robins, nominee for U.S. House District 2, phone (319) 214-0862, e-mail: gary@sicardforcongress.com, website:  www.garysicard.org


Rob Petsche, 35, Manchester, nominee for U.S. House District 1, phone (563) 663-1132, e-mail: farleyrob2002@yahoo.com, website: petscheforsmallergovernment.com


Campbell DeSousa, 25, Ames, nominee for Iowa Senate District 23, phone (515) 452-2476, e-mail: desousacampbell@yahoo.com, no website currently


Tyler Pauly, 20, Ames, nominee for Iowa House District 46, phone (515) 556-0351, e-mail: tapastro@gmail.com, no website currently


Karen Tegtmeyer, 50, Johnston, nominee for Polk County Attorney, phone (515) 331-4262, e-mail: karen.tegtmeyer@gmail.com, website: iowasmallergovernment.com


            “Under Iowa law, the Libertarian Party can gain major party status if our governor candidate gets 2% of the vote in the general election.  My goal in this election is not to win, but to get the 2% we need for major party status,” said Eric Cooper, the party’s gubernatorial nominee.


“The message of liberty, of smaller government is sounding in the hearts and minds of more Americans.  The Libertarian Party is gaining favor with voters and the media.  We welcome this opportunity,“ said Ed Wright, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Iowa.


Additional information may be found at the Libertarian Party of Iowa’s website:   www.lpia.org


All members of the press should feel free to quote from this press release.  All candidates listed are available for interviews with the press either by phone or by e-mail.